Looking for added security at home or in the office. We offer some of the most advanced HIGH DEFINITION IP camera systems available for private use. Have the ability to remotely view your cameras from your smart phone or any PC with internet access. We also offer the best analog cameras and dvr units available on the market. Installed by our professional and courteous staff who will teach you how to make the system work for you and leave you feeling more secured.


We offer the best paging solutions available, installed and serviced by the same trusted and proven engineers that make your decision work for you. We offer paging amps, horns, volume controls and ceiling speakers. Don't bother with the others, bring in the best and be completely satisfied.

Project Management

Let us handle any project you may have with your communications needs. We can handle it from the start to the finish, We have vast knowledge of not only how to handle your project of any size but how to make it easier on you the customer.


We install and service all cabling including but not limited too: Catagory 3

                                   Catagory 5, 5e

                                   Catagory 6, 6e, 6a

                                   Fiber Optics OM1, OM2, OM3, 

Please feel free to contact us for more details

small business Telephone Systems

We are a certified ESI reseller and install new ESI and AT&T Synapse SMB IP phone  systems, we service and perform moves adds and changes to MOST SMALL BUSINESS TELEPHONE SYSTEMS ESI,  Panasonic, Toshiba. Let us move you into the future. Contact us for more details. .

CDS3 Communications LLC

Sound Masking

We have teamed up with Speech Privacy Systems to install and service the best sound masking solutions out there. Sound Masking is the addition of sound into an environment to cover up unwanted sound with a more soothing or less distracting sound. Sound masking reduces or eliminates awareness of pre-existing sounds in a given area and can make a work environment more comfortable, while creating speech privacy so workers can better concentrate and be more productive.